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NAR Dependencies

Dependencies on other NARs are handled by the standard maven dependency mechanism. The type for NAR files is nar. The main nar file is equivalent to a jar file, but with some nar specific information in it. The other nar files are always published as attached artifacts to the main nar artifact. A nar dependency is declared in the following way:


As of version 2.1.x the type needs to be declared as "nar". Maven will automatically download this nar file for any goal that requires it.

The NAR plugin knows this is a true nar dependency by looking inside the nar file for a properties file with the following name:


This file is normally generated in the nar-package goal. TBD there is no way to include a hand-written file.

The file may contain the following properties:

Property Default-Value Description
nar.noarch Comma separated list of architecture independent nars to download. Each entry consists of groupId:artifactId:type:classifier, for example:
nar.static Comma separated list of static nar files to download. Each entry consists of groupId:artifactId:type:classifier. ${aol} can be used to be replaced by the current aol value, for example:${aol}-static

TBD more values are possible